Skate on Board

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Skate on Board


Feel the Sounds of Skateboarding

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Skate on Board


Skate on Board is a SFX library with the purpose of bringing alive the hidden sounds of skateboarding. This library has 65 stereo recordings with the best sound quality of actions such as jumps, pass by, and grinds over different surfaces like concrete banquets, and rail tubes. Furthermore, this library contains 47 mono audios of P.O.V perspectives which were reordered with different microphones attached to the skateboard to capture the full manoeuvres and details of skateboarding.

This library will full-fill all skateboarding videos. It contains all possible perspectives to make your videos sound better. Thus, Enjoy this library and feel the experience of sound.


Gear Used to record

  • F8 Zoom Devices

  • H6 Zoom Devices

  • Ntg2 Rode Mic

  • Ew 3g sennheiser

  • NT4 Rode

  • H6 zoom Stereo Mic

  • 112 Audio Files

  • 48 kHZ

  • 24 Bit

  • 22 minutes of audio files

  • Stereo and Mono Files

  • .Wav Files